Spiritual & Psychic Readings in North San Diego By Medium Terry Hall

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Rev Terry Hall ~ Spiritualist Minister
Psychic, Medium & Spiritual Business Coach

Spiritual & Psychic Readings

As a clairvoyant, clairaudient trance medium, Rev. Terry Hall offers Spiritual and Psychic Readings, Spiritual Counseling and Healing to assist you in walking your life’s path with clarity, knowing and certainty. Terry offers face-to-face readings at the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church.

The Chapel is located in the North San Diego city of Encinitas, CA where Terry is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, meditation instructor and teacher.

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Your life's path...

Spiritual & Psychic Readings

Get UNSTUCK in life and walk your life’s path with…

  • Clarity
  • Knowing
  • Certainty

Spiritual readings and counseling assist you in living the life you want.

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rev terry hall offers spiritual and psychic readings and spititual business coaching to help you life the life you want

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Spiritual Business Coaching

Get UNSTUCK in your business and create the business life you want with…

  • Focus
  • Balance
  • Fulfillment

Hiring a medium as your spiritual business coach quickly creates the business life you want.

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I’ve had numerous readings from Terry and highly recommend him. Terry gets to the points of the reading quickly and with compassion. If Spirit wishes to withhold or not comment on a question, Terry will be straight forward in letting you know Spirit isn’t ready to answer that question now, rather than offer an excuse or make something up. Terry’s integrity is above reproach and his skills as a medium are substantial. You will be in good hands with him. ~ Dave Hammel

Terry Hall is an Ordained Minister, Clairvoyant Trance Medium and Meditation Instructor at the Chapel of Awareness in Encinitas, CA where he and the clergy offer:

  • Spiritual Readings, Counseling & Healing
  • Healing, ESP and Meditation Instruction
  • Psychic & Spiritual Development Classes
  • Sunday Spiritual Healing and Spiritualist Church Services

My work is expressed in two closely related areas. Each explicitly allows me to help people live their lives more fully and experience the innate joys available to one who develops their awareness.

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